Furry Details llc

Grooming for Dogs While

   Leaving Green Paw Prints


Sorry no new clients at this time. Established clients with a new dog will be considered.  

About Us


         Proud, to be a GREEN Business!

*Eco friendly, Oatmeal Shampoo/Conditioner with no animal testing!

*Natural Fragrance, with no animal testing.

*Eco friendly cleaning products/laundry detergent & biodegradable trash can liners.

*UV sanitizer for equipment. Pet/skin friendly blade & tool wash. (No kerosene or hazardous chemicals!)

*Energy efficient furnace, A.C., hot H2O heater, glass block windows.

*LED, recyclable fluorescent & natural lighting.

*No harsh chemicals inside or outside of shop.

*We Compost the fur! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

*Unplug unused appliances.

*H2O conservation - full laundry loads, short, quality baths; premixed & measured shampoo/conditioner.

*We use vegan treats for Fido.

*Encourage vegan pet food to help end factory-farmed animal suffering.

*Let's leave green paw prints upon the Earth.